Girls With Bad Breath Never Get Kissed Twice!

Published: 01st April 2009
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Hey Girls - Some of the guys I know have told me they never date girls with bad breath. They say it's a complete turn-off. And any pretty girl who disappoints up close never gets a second date.

One guy said that no amount of body spray, perfume or breath fresheners will ever mask the fact that you have bad breath. He could always tell.

Ask yourself . . . "Could you be the one with bad breath?"

The problem is - that girls with bad breath frequently have no idea it's a problem. It's only when your guy gets up close for that tender moment that the awful truth comes out. And your whispered 'sweet nuthin's' ain't so sweet.

I'm now going to let you into a secret that cured my bad breath [yes - even me] in a matter of days. And - I mean - killed the problem stone dead.

Firstly, you have to realize there's a big fat marketing conspiracy out there that we're all hooked into. It's something most of us never question - because we go on automatic pilot. You see, the truth is that the toothpaste manufacturers have all of us trapped at two of our most vulnerable moments: First thing in the morning and last thing at night.

In the morning, while still half asleep and in a tearing hurry to get on with the day - you reach trustingly for your tube of toothpaste, and after a quick mouthful of foaming peppermint or some other strong flavour, you are tricked into believing *Job Done*.

At the far end of your day, moments before you climb wearily into bed, you reach once again for your toothpaste, and for a second time, you're convinced you've cleaned away the food sins of your day and can sleep in peace.

You've just been deceived by those toothpaste advertisers who hit us day after day with their trickery. Wherever we look in the media, we see glossy adverts that show young people, with smiling faces and ultra white teeth. These toothpaste actors seem to have fabulous lifestyles, which most of us would like too. Those good looking actors are always enjoying wonderful and happy relationships. And we are led to believe this is all thanks to the toothpaste products they use.

But I find myself asking the question . . .

"How much truth (if any) is behind these glossy ads that are so carefully crafted by the advertising executives?"

Will Your Toothpaste Help You Win A Second Date With Your Guy?

It's a fact that there's a massive increase in Bad Breath (Halitosis), Gum Disease, Bleeding Gums, Gingivitis, Receding Gums and many other oral health issues, in the adult population. Bad Breath and poor oral health don't discriminate, and there are many girls out there suffering with these problems. At a first glance, this upswing in oral health problems seems to suggest that toothpaste simply isn't helping the problem at all.

More alarming, is the news that toothpaste actually makes all your oral conditions much worse! It's a bitter pill to swallow, but those advertising execs, are more interested in your money than your oral health.

The chemicals in toothpaste create the best possible climate to accelerate the breeding of the harmful bacteria that live in your mouth. These are the bacteria that make the stale smell, and cause so much damage.

Toothpaste Contains Harmful Chemicals

Most Toothpaste contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - known the world-over as a skin irritant. This chemical is used most often in clinical lab studies to test irritated skin.

Can you imagine what years or decades of putting this, and other chemicals in your mouth (and your family's mouths) could potentially do to weaken and damage your mouth tissue and gums?

It's not surprising that poor oral health is so common in the adult population. And girls - it's hardly a shock to discover that guys are so picky about girls with bad breath!

Step #1 (To Reverse That Bad Breath Trend)

Once upon a time, I suffered from chronic Bad Breath, Receding Gums and the early stages of Gum Disease. I was so determined to fix my problems that I researched a good many oral care products. I found that almost every product I could buy over the pharmacy counter did nothing to help, and in most cases these products actually made the situation far worse.

Girls, if you're still using a proprietary brand of toothpaste (and most of you are) I hotly recommend that you consider dumping it now. Just throw it out. In a few moments you will have dramatically improved your chances of enjoying great oral health for the rest of your lives. Getting rid of your useless toothpaste is the first step towards making sure your mouth stays fresh and healthy 24/7.

Remember, most people with Bad Breath (Halitosis) don't even know they have it. Most people with Gum Disease think that using toothpaste won't harm them further.

Step #2 (Could Win You That Second Date!)

By now (hopefully) you've thrown out your toothpaste and you'll never again be seduced by that glossy advertising and the negative benefits that go with it.

Now you have to find a reliable replacement for your toothpaste.

Do a Google search on "Bad Breath" or "Gum Disease" and you'll dig up a whole army of crazy products and messy home-made cures with dubious values.

I did just that - but after a while I was lucky enough to stumble across a completely natural product that I could get shipped to me through the mail. The thing that finally swung it for me was the 50 pages of testimonials on the website from happy users who seemed delighted with the product.

I cured all my oral problems within a week or so of taking delivery. It was quite amazing. You can't buy this product in the stores or your local pharmacy, but you can get it by ordering over the Internet.

How To Ensure You Get Unlimited Kisses!

If you want to read some more facts and figures about this truly excellent toothpaste replacement product - and if you'd maybe like to order it and wake up in the morning with fresh breath [and just maybe with your new boyfriend!] instead of that old sour mouth taste and smell - then go to this web page [CLICK HERE] and all will be revealed to you. Don't forget to read the 50 pages of testimonials!

And If He's Already Left You . . .

Incidentally - if you have already been dumped by the man in your life - for whatever reason - you have a genuine 90% chance of getting him back! Don't believe me? Well - you could visit this website [CLICK HERE] to find out how TW Jackson's astonishingly successful "Magic of Making Up" system will give you the skills to get him back. You'll be glad you did.

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